At Pat The Baker we place high emphasis on quality, in both products and service. We operate a professional and effective Quality Assurance Department which is controlled by a qualified and experienced Manager. This department ensures not only quality of products during the manufacturing process, it also extends to customer relations and the rapid and satisfactory handling of consumer complaints. Additionally, it ensures the extensive training of staff in all aspects of quality and hygiene. Our Bakery has been audited by many of our customers, some of which are major retailers and household names and we have met all their stringent standards.

We use only the best quality ingredients across all products that we manufacture. As part of our adherence to quality, we have entered a number of bakery competitions over the years with a high degree of success. Pat The Baker employs an extensive Sales Support team that covers all 32 counties and our team is recognised by our customers as being second to none in Ireland. This team is stringently trained in all aspects of sales and customer support and helps portray the professional image that the company is renowned for.

Pat The Baker commit to a continued dedication to product excellence and to the customer service that has made it the driving force in the Irish Bread market.


Pat The Baker produces an extensive range of bread products. The range is continuously reviewed to ensure we have products that consistently meet current market demands and identify new demands in the market. At present, we manufacture over 30 different products. Our main Pan Plant is the largest single production facility in Ireland.

We also have a separate Batch Bread plant and consistently review our production facilities to stay in line with market requirements. We also work closely with our customers to facilitate their needs for specific product requirements. In this respect, we offer both consistency and flexibility to our customers.


The Pat The Baker you know and love today, now stands as one of the top bread suppliers in Ireland with a reliable product and service that puts the customers needs to the forefront. We continue to modernise and upgrade our plant in order to maintain our leading edge in the Irish bread business and constantly set new standards, to achieve and maintain. We have repeatedly received professional recognition from our peers in the bread industry in recognition of this standard of excellence and reliability. For sixteen years, Pat The Baker was voted Ireland’s Best Bread by the Master Bakers Of Ireland.

Pat The Baker operates well organised, efficient accounts and IT departments and have worked closely with some of our major customers. in the introduction of new and improved systems such as. EDI, Self Invoicing and Goods Inwards Scanning. We have been chosen in the past by customers, for running trials on new systems, due mainly to the high degree of accuracy in our operation of customers’ accounts.

Given the success that Pat the Baker has enjoyed over the years and our ambitious goals for the future, we are ideally positioned for further expansion during the years ahead and can be relied upon to work with our customers, in exploring new technologies of mutual rewarding benefits.

We truly are Ireland’s Best Bread in terms of Quality, Consistency and Reliability.