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Each Pat The Baker half pan, of which there are four: Pat’s Pan, Multigrain, 100% Wholemeal and Brown, will contain a token on the cardboard end, which replaces the heal on one end of a half pan.
If you collect seven tokens and send them to Pat The Baker, you are entered into a monthly draw for 5,000 euro. There is a new draw every month.

In addition to the token, which appears at the bottom of the card, Pat The Baker has decided to use the rest of the space to promote various other national initiatives. The first of which is the promotion of

‘When evolving the bread lottery we thought it would be a great opportunity to use some of the card to promote various initiatives. We were aware of the ‘Change’ campaign and thought it would be a great initiative to start off with. All of our paper packaging coming out of our bakery; wrapping inserts, scone trays etc. are from sustainable forests. We are trying where we can to make a change. The lottery tokens are a wonderful media space and we will promote various national initiatives throughout the year.’
– Oliver Durkin, Brand Manager at Pat The Baker.

bread lottery

Welcoming the initiative, Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Mr John Gormley T.D. said:

‘I trust that people will see, from these messages, the changes they can make to their lives which can save them money, while having a positive impact on the environment. When you cut carbon, you cut costs. Pat the Baker is to be commended for the corporate responsibility the company has demonstrated in making this space available to the Change campaign and in becoming one of the first Irish companies to commit to using the new Carbon Management Calculator. Good carbon management is good business management.’

The tokens promote various salient messages from the campaign such as, Turning off the tap when brushing teeth saves 7000 litres of water per year. These straightforward and achievable messages are positioned on inspired backgrounds designed by 2020 Vision in Dublin.

‘The Bread Lottery is an exciting new development in our marketing strategy and represents a considerable investment by Pat The Baker in our rapidly growing half pans. We are very much aware of the need for change and have embraced that change in all aspects of our business.’
– Declan Fitzgerald, General Manager Pat The Baker.

Terms and conditions apply. See the Lottery section of the website.

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