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Meet Pat the Bakers most senior customer who celebrates her 107th this month, Nancy Stewart from Clonard County Meath who has been buying Pat the Baker bread every Friday for as long as she can remember.

Nancy is a real good news story as she was born in 1913 and has lived through all the hard times and here, she is, still living and thriving as best she can through this world pandemic.  Nancy is also the oldest woman in Ireland to be still living on her own and Pat the Baker asked her what are her secrets to staying young, healthy and “So Fresh that she is famous!!!”

Nancy attributes her health and well-being to having a very positive and optimistic outlook on life. She also stays very active in the community, maintaining a healthy diet and regularly baking with her Granddaughter Louise in her kitchen.

She loves her food and eats three meals a day along with lots of cups of tea in between and a few prayers. She’s loves her ‘Pat The Baker’ Bread with her tea every evening when she eats sausages, pudding and a slice of fried bread and a big mug of tea as well. She’s been buying ‘Pat The Baker Bread’ as long as she can remember and wouldn’t buy anything else every Friday as part of her shopping. She also is a big believer in just taking life one day at a time.

Louise is making every effort to make her gran’s birthday special this year with all the restrictions and Nancy not been able to celebrate it in her usual way.

So, here at Pat the Baker, we want to light up Nancy’s birthday by spreading the well wishes across the airwaves and wish Nancy a huge happy birthday from all of us. Please share this post and send your well wishes to this very special lady.

Nancy Happy 107 years young from all of us, and you still look “So Fresh your Famous!!”

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